Photo Trip
Across America

At the beginning of this year, I came up with this bright idea that I would take a road trip across the country.  So the aim is 48 States, 100 shoots over the course of 4 months. 

Yes, of course I know this might seem crazy at first thought. And although this is ambitious, if you know me you know I love driving city to city, town to town, enjoying the local vibe and people along the way.

So I’m combining two of my favorite things, road tripping and photography. My goals are to:

  • meet up with old friends;
  • make some new ones;
  • visit all 48 U.S. continental states;
  • complete 100 shoots/image sets;
  • experience some delicious grub and stimulate the local brewery and distillery economy;
  • visit at least 5 national sites;
  • create some dope imagery along the way;
  • and at the end of the journey award $2000 in prize money.

Project Info

Shoot Locations

My shoots tend to be a combination of outdoor (local parks, town squares, etc) and indoor (usually a airbnb home property). When we have our planning call I will ask you if you have any specific ideas and local locations you would be interested trying or using.


There is no pay involved for your participation. You are responsible for any costs associated with wardrobe, gas, tolls etc… FYI I do accept gifts of food, drinks and Haribo Gummi Bears.


Some shoots may overlap, requiring me to shoot two people around the same times. In general, shoots will last 4-5 hours from the time you arrive and depart. This will allow for numerous wardrobe changes, travel between locations, and review of images.

Image Selection

At the end of the shoot, we will review and choose the best 10 images to create a contest image set. And you will pick your favorite 10 and I will edit and send to you within two weeks following our shoot.

Wardrobe, Hair, and Make Up

You will be responsible for bringing your own wardrobe, accessories and props. I will provide you with a suggested wardrobe list and ideas for hair and makeup.


This project is open to any person 21 years of age older. You must be ready to have fun.